DGR Whatsapp Bulk Messaging Software


With DGR Whatsapp Bulk messaging software, you can send pictures, videos or other files with the Message to hundreds of thousands of numbers at the same time. You can send messages even if numbers are not stored in your phonebook. The software works fully automatically and provides control like a normal person. You can add more than one Whatsapp to the software and send them separately.

Thanks to DGR Whatsapp sending software without adding to the phonebook, its simple interface and the facilities it offers, you will be able to make your advertising messages without any problems. The material you promote with your whatsapp advertising messages, which you can get 500% more return than normal SMS messages, will reach more people and interact.

How Do I Use It? How Do I Buy?

First, let me inform you about its use. DGR Whatsapp software does everything automatically. All you have to do is; add whatsapp, add messages and add pictures or media if you wish. After doing these, it will be enough to press the send button.

To purchase, all you do is to contact WhatsApp or buy from our system and eft us with your order number. After doing these, you will be contacted about the software and you will be contacted to provide software installation and pre-training.


What is Spam Status?

In the case of spam, you will not have any problems as long as you send with the software and comply with the contents of the file that comes with the software. But there are a few reasons we don’t have and you can’t interfere with. Several features are available in the software to manipulate this situation. This problem is that the people you send you to are marking them as spam. You have a 3% risk of eating spam. If you send to 100 people, you can eat spam if 3 of them mark it as spam.

Which Number Should I Send With? Is Virtual Number Valid?

You can send via any Whatsapp you add to the software. The numbers are yours. So you can send with every whatsapp you connect to Whatsapp web, this also applies to virtual numbers. You can open whatsapp with any virtual number you want, connect to whatsapp web and make your submission.

Is there a ban? If it happens, can we open it?

There may be a ban, because you cannot prove that the number belongs to you on virtual numbers, it is not possible to reopen it. You can open numbers that you can prove they belong to you. You can take care of this by contacting whatsapp.



  • Domestic and international shipping module
  • Active number check module
  • Multiple whatsapp add modules
  • Time management module
  • Resume module
  • Adding Greetings module
  • Name adding module
  • Salutation and message recording module
  • Advanced message adding module
  • Module to add emoji and parameters to the message
  • Multiple image, video and file adding module
  • Back recovery module (rescuer in case of power failure)
  • Advanced antispam module
  • Data reset module
  • Stop, Start and Continue module
  • Module to beat unused numbers
  • Icon operating module
  • License and security module
  • Advanced report system
  • Number filtering module (The same number is not added more than once)
  • Writing a Message Draft
  • Message Template Editor
  • Bring Address Feature
  • Fully Dynamic System
  • Dynamic Recording System
  • Advanced Reset System
  • Multiple mixed image, video or file assignment system
  • Message system for multiple posts and single posts
  • Advanced interface
  • Many algorithms you haven’t seen
  • A Module to Capture Numbers in Your Whatsapp Messages
  • Number editing module
  • VCARD Creation and Decoding Module
  • Combined picture and video assignment module

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